Diana F+

For Christmas this year, I was given a Diana F+ camera. Having seen images on various different blogs of different photos taken with a Diana, I decided I really wanted to have a go! It’s taken a few films to get used to it, being so used to a digital camera, but I wanted to share the best from the first 8 films…

I was really pleased with these two, they were from my first film, and were the first two photos that I thought about and set up. These were using the 75mm lens that came with the camera with no filters on the flash.

The next film was a trip to the Eden project. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the film, and most of them turned out ruined due to what we think was a light leak onto the film! I managed to salvage two, this one of the Totem Poles and the following photo of hubcaps.

Both of which, I was quite pleased with… I felt like I was starting to get the hang of how the camera worked.

So I started to try out a few portraits, and using the flash filters more. My dad then bought me two new lenses for my birthday – the 110mm telephoto and the fisheye… and I was off snapping like a madwoman!

Birthday flowers still life taken with the fisheye lens.

Battery Gardens – taken with the fisheye lens.

Battery Gardens trees taken with the telephoto lens.

Churston Cove, taken with the telephoto lens.

These last few have inspired me to use the camera more, and to experiment more with landscapes. The rest of these pictures can be seen on my Flickr page. And hopefully I’ll post new photos soon.




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