My Letterpress

Just before I graduated from University I bought an Adana letterpress from eBay. I really enjoyed using the facilities at University. Plymouth has a great letterpress studio – a whole room of faces, 4 or 5 presses (if I remember rightly!) and Paul the letterpress technician (who was always very helpful and friendly). I trawled the internet and bid on many eBay listings until I found a letterpress, and finally drove up to Birmingham (about 3 hours) to pick up my press.

It was cheap – it needed work doing to it, and it came with a huge box of type and accessories. Until I graduated, it sat in our Utility room, waiting for me, and then when I started my new job in the summer, it remained there, still patiently sitting and anticipating the day I would sort it out…

This year, we started. We spent the first weekend cleaning it and covering it in WD40.

A few weeks later, we got it out again, and went at it with some wire wool, and more WD40… It was hard work, but before we knew it, we could see metal through the rust, and bits of it started to move…

Woohoo! We carried on cleaning, and downloaded an old expanded drawing so we could fix the bits and pieces that didn’t seem to work. After several hours of screwdrivers, pliers, wire wool, and even a hammer at one point, we managed to get it to work!

Here it is, the letterpress in all it’s working glory!

Now all I need to do is to clean up the type I have, buy some rollers and get printing! If anyone can help me out with where to get letterpress supplies, other than eBay, please let me know. Hopefully I’ll post more about the press soon.



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