Wallpaper Cover Design

Wallpaper Magazine are giving readers a chance to design their own front covers for the August issue. The issue is an

“issue in which Wallpaper* has pushed the boundaries of bespoke design.”

Well, I was feeling inspired, so I bought myself a copy and set to designing my cover…

… firstly by taking inspiration from the Mac SE image (I have a Mac SE which lives in my attic room, awaiting for the time when myself and Gareth put a Mac Mini and a new screen in it and revive it).

I then moved onto a collage, and as soon as I saw those triangles they reminded me of…

…sails! As you can see, once I got the basic idea down, I went to town on this one, tweaking and playing with the type.

Time for a turn in a different direction…

…with these I looked into the idea of being handmade, and looked at both the idea of “hands” and the idea of hand crafted things…

…but which one did I go for? Well, you’ll have to wait until the August edition…

But in the meantime feel free to guess…



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