Exeter Cathedral Chapter House

I was lucky enough whilst in Exeter a few weeks ago, to spend some time in Chapter House – part of Exeter Cathedral. It’s beautiful. The combination of the old gothic style architecture mixed with the new modern stone sculptures, and sans serif type on plastic works really well, and creates a fantastic place to sit and look. I could have stayed in there for hours.

The ceiling of the room is incredible – intricate and colourful, with little figures looking down on you from above:

You can see here the detail in the ceiling as well as one of the little figures…

…and here’s one of the figures close up.

Here is what it looks like just looking straight up – fantastically intricate and lovely, considering it’s the ceiling!

And when coupled with the large gothic arch windows, the room is grand and beautiful, especially on the day I was there, with sunlight streaming in. It appears the building is used for concerts, and I can’t think of a more attractive setting.

Here are the huge windows!

Here you can see the windows in all their majesty, as well as some of the sculptures around the walls.

These close-ups of the sculptures are an attempt to try and capture the beautiful shapes and curves of the sculptures. They are a brilliant contrast between straight corners and flat edges and sweeps and curves. My photos do not do them justice.

These plaques are hand painted, and are a beautiful example of hand drawn serifed typography. I love the numerals, and the lowercase f’s.

This type was contrasted wonderfully with the plaques below the sculptures – plastic transparent signage with red uppercase sans serif type – really clean and minimal against the detail of the stone sculptures and against the intricacies of the architecture.

Just wonderful. Can’t wait to go back and see more!

More of these images can be found on my Flickr page.




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