Run 10km

Back in May, I competed in the Race for Life. I decided to run it, I walk a lot, so it wasn’t much of a challenge to walk 5km, and to be honest, I need to lose a few pounds (well, more than a few…)

I started training, and was easily able to run 3km by the race. It was a real challenge and push to make it to 5km, but I ran it in approx 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the ONE time my iPod Nike+ application decided to crash was this race, and it didn’t start until 0.5km in to the race. Arrgghh! However, I did manage to have the best time out of the girls I was with (my step-mum, and her two nieces) and managed to get myself in the local paper (sort of…)

There I am!

Hmmm… those jogging bottoms are not flattering. Anyway, I was quite proud of myself, managing to stick to running a few times a week, losing a few pounds, completing the 5km race and managing to raise £115 for Cancer Research UK, and in a small moment of insanity I signed up for the Run 10k race in Plymouth in October.

Back then, in mid-May, October seemed like ages away! I kept on with the running, between 3km and 4km each time, increasing the distance every few runs. The plan was to do this until Monday 2nd August, when I can start the 12 week long Nike+ 10km training programme.

Well, that time is nearly here. I can now run for 30 mins comfortably, 3 – 4 times a week, and if I don’t go for a run for a few days I feel antsy and annoyed. I have lost nearly a stone in weight, although this is partly from eating a lot better too.

So with just over 12 weeks to go, I have decided to blog about this weekly, to let you all know how well (or not) that I am doing, to help keep me motivated and to get some sponsors to raise money for Cancer Research. Unfortunately, I think most of us can say we know someone who has had cancer, and some of us know people who have died from it too.

If you can spare any money, please sponsor me, you can do so online:

Many thanks, and TTFN,


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