Run 10km Training – Week 1

This week sees the beginning of my 12 week training programme for the 10km run in October. Last night I watched the women’s 5000m and the men’s 3000m at the European’s to try and pick up pointers, but they are so out of my league it’s laughable! I would struggle to sprint as fast as they were running!

I was not put off though, and I have researched times for 10km runs (amateur). The winners all come in around 32 minutes, the last runners come in around 1 hour 20 minutes, and average time is around 45 – 50 minutes. Therefore, I have decided to aim for somewhere between 50 – 55 minutes. I now run 5km comfortably in around 28 minutes, so if I double this, I should be able to do 10km in 56 minutes, but hope to get faster as my training goes on. (fingers crossed!)

So this week sees the beginning of the training. I have been running 5km per run, and the first few runs are 4.8km, so I am confident it should start well! I have an 8km run on Saturday, which I think will be a challenge, but I’m hoping to do it in 50 minutes, so watch this space!

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