More Diana F+ Photos

This set was taken quite a while ago, I think it was the Easter holidays, as I know my little brothers were with us! These were taken at “Living Coasts” – a penguin zoo in Torquay.

View from the car, using the fisheye lens.

A huge, and a little scary, seal.

The closest I could get to a Penguin without the keepers telling me off!

Penguins and Keepers

I was really pleased that I managed to capture the Keepers mirroring the Penguins – huddled in groups.

Underwater Penguin in the tank

You can walk around underground, looking into the tanks and watching the penguins (and other animals and fish) swimming around. I wasn’t sure how well the images were going to come out, and whether the flash would be needed and whether it would reflect off the glass, but I managed to get a few good images, and was really pleased with this one.

The tanks

This is my favourite one of the day. I was trying to capture a penguin, which was too quick for me, but the happy accident that occurred is wonderful – especially the reflection of the flash on the glass.

There are a few more to come, and hopefully I’ll get out and about to take some more photos soon! I am experimenting with some black and white film too, so watch this space.



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