Run 10km Training – Week 2

Last week went well! I managed to first 2 runs – both were 4.82km, and I ran 5km for both. I did both in under 30 minutes, which pleased me as I wasn’t trying for a good time, just running at a comfortable pace.

On Saturday, I had the first long run. 8.04km. I managed it in 49 minutes, which is good. If I am aiming for 50-55minutes for 10km, I think I am just about on target! I actually really enjoyed it too. It was the longest run I have done so far, and after the first 2km it felt very comfortable. I think the biggest issue I had was finding a route which wasn’t too hilly!

Living in Brixham means that everywhere I run there are huge hills… and I am trying at the moment to avoid the bigger steeper ones while I work on my pace!

Today I have a 6.44km (4 miles) run which, having not run for 2 days, I’m looking forward to. It looks quite muggy and cloudy, so I will probably wait until later this afternoon. I have discovered that the best weather conditions for me are slight drizzle and a bit of a breeze… perfect as I live in the UK!

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