New Work – Westaways Spec Sheets

I have just finished this project, and thought I’d share it with you all. These were some specification sheets that I designed for a friend of mine a few years ago. They needed updating, both the design and the content!

The sheets needed updating with the new logo, which lent itself to working well as a header across the page:

Westaway Logo

Logo Header

Each sheet has a drawing of the sail which I created from the original layout plans, starting with the panels and then adding the colour and shading, and finally the extras – tapes, numbers etc.

Mainsail and Genoa

The sails made of laminate have a scanned version of the actual material used as the fill, and the “available materials” are also scanned versions.

Close up of laminates

There are 30 different sails all in all, headsails, mainsails and spinnakers, which all had a separate drawing created for them:

Trisail and Spinnaker

On the back of each specification sheet, there are six different photos describing the options available for each sail – again, these are different for each sail, but help the customer to understand and decide what their sail needs:

Option Images

These photos are a collection of the loft’s images they have taken over the years, and my own images. There is also a small amount of text on the back to back this up and help explain what the sail needs and the different options, set in two columns to keep the line length short, and the text more legible:


I used the brand colours of red and blue throughout the layout design of the sheets, and kept the type simple and neutral using Helvetica Neue.

Back of the Spec Sheets

As well as the sails spec sheets, I also created 10 separate sheets for the Canvas and Sail Slide options, which were a combination of the layout and design of the front and the back of the sails sheets:

Canvas Sheets

These did not require a drawing, just a few images of the canvas, and a colour chart of the materials used.

Westaways were pleased with these, and requested both print versions, and a smaller file size version for customers to download from the website. They should be on the site soon.

I’ll be updating the website soon, so keep an eye out for the new work (more to come) here.



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