This Week’s Inspiration

Here it is, the 10 most inspiring things this week… compiled with a glass of red wine.

1. Brian Morris

Brian Morris - illustration

Fantastic illustration found here by Brian Morris.

2. Amanda Wachob

Abstract Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

I’ve never seen tattoos like this before, really original and inspiring work from Amanda Wachob.

3. Hina Aoyama

Amazing paper cutting skills

Incredible paper cut work from Hina Aoyama here.

4. A Very Short History of Film

35mm short film

Short film from Felix Meyer and Pascal Monaco showing their favourite 35 movies. Can you guess them?

5. Stefan Strumbel

Stefan Strumbel's Cuckoo Clock

These amazing cuckoo clocks are from Stefan Strumbel.

6. Julian Franky Tobon

Julian Franky Tobon

Typeface design based on fabric. Beautiful.

7. Time & Again from Jacques Khouri

Time & Again

Really different little animation, from Jacques Khouri.

8. Lulu & The Lampshades

Lulu & The Lampshades

Oh my god, I’ve watched this hundreds of times this week (ok, slight exaggeration) but it’s fab!

9. Old Tom Foolery Greetings Cards

Old Tom Foolery Thank You Card

Original Greetings Cards – say what you really mean!

10. Ladislav Hubert

Firestarter by Ladislav Hubert

Some wonderful illustrations from Ladislav Hubert.

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