Run 10km Training – Week 3

Well, I’m in the 3rd week of training now, and I think it’s going to be hard work. Last week went well, I managed all 3 runs, a 6.44km run on Tuesday and Thursday, and an 8km run on Saturday. I shaved a minute off my time for the 6.44km run on Thursday, I’m now doing it in under 38 minutes, but took it easy on the 8km run on Saturday as I wasn’t feeling too good. Still managed it in under 50 minutes, although this is my target time for the 10km, so really need to start working on my speed more.

I have bought some running tights, which have proved to be the best £20 I have spent! So comfortable, and they keep me a little cooler as well. This has improved my running slightly, along with the addition of a new sports bra which is also a lot more comfortable than my old ones!

My biggest issue facing me this week is my route. The route I normally run is around the houses and streets near where I live. It’s a suburban area, with a few hills, and wide pavements. It’s nice and open, and I only see a few people on my route – so although it’s safe, I don’t feel like I’m getting in anyone’s way or vice versa. However, it’s only 4km long, and at present I am having to repeat bits of the route to get the full 6.44km or 8km in.

I have several choices. 1 is to extend this route by running out past the houses, onto a country road. It’s usually quite busy this time of year, as it’s the road the locals take in and out of my town to avoid tourists, and there are no pavements. Stretches of the road are only wide enough for one car, and when it starts to get dark, it’s not very safe at all. The second choice is to extend the route into woods, and towards the beaches. The beaches are both secluded, and both require going through wooded areas and parks to get to them. They are not very safe on my own later in the evenings (I tend to run between 5-6pm if possible) and during the day there are many tourists and dog-walkers. I have tried running this route in the day, and I was forced off the path several times by people who refused to let me pass.

Option 3 is to try a completely new route. I think this is probably my best bet, and there are several open to me. One is to run down into the town, round the harbour and along the breakwater, and then all the way back again. This route is not too hilly, and when combined with a little bit of my original route is an easy 10km stretch. The drawback is that there are a lot of people along this route, which would make me feel self-concious, and might slow me down. Another possible new route involves running out to some old Napoleaonic forts – less people and more space, but a slightly treachorous country road out there, where there is a good possibility of being run over. A final new route would be the main road out of town. There are pavements almost all the way, the hills are not steep, and it’s unlikely to be full of tourists and dog walkers.

I will have to try out the new routes, possibly this week, and decide which is the best. Wish me luck!

I also have a sailing regatta this weekend, so will have 4-6 hours of sailing to do on top of the running… again, wish me luck!

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