Run 10km Training – Week 4

A brief post this week as I am in the middle of a regatta – a very windy regatta!

Last week I ran over 24km all in all, finishing with an 8.04km run on Saturday morning before going sailing – very very knackering!

I tried 2 new routes – one involved the back lanes near where I live, which I have decided are too dangerous due to the nutters who drive on them, and one route down through the town and round the harbour. Perfect as there aren’t too many hills, and the scenery is pretty interesting too. As long as I don’t go in the middle of the day, I should be fine for people too… there weren’t too many about when I ran through at 8am.

This week I will be extending my run by 1.5km and doing a 9.65km run on Saturday. I’m a little apprehensive, but I’m hoping to do it in less than an hour… we shall see. Tomorrow I have to fit an 8km run into a day already filled with races and prizegiving, I’m undecided yet whether to go for an early morning run and get it over and done with (6:45am) or to wait until after sailing and fit it in before the pub (but I will be tired from sailing)… Mmmm… decisions, decisions!



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