This Week’s Inspiration

Here it is, nice and early, before I finish for the weekend!

1. Project Thirty Three: Vintage Album Covers

Project Thirty Three Album Cover

Project 33 is a curated collection of vintage album covers all lovingly scanned by the owner of Seattle’s Jive Time Records.

2. London Elephants

London Elephants

Created to support endangered Asian elephants by well-known artists, designers and celebrities and placed all round London by the Public Arts Campaign.

3. Irina Vinnik

Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

Gorgeous illustrations by Russian illustrator Irina Vinnik.

4. Recycling Animation

Recycling Animation

“Don’t be a Dick, Recycle” – charming little animation.

5. Creative Chocolate

Creative Chocolates

Crave Sydney – a set of chocolates designed by Rachael Dunk.

6. Ziegler Family Newsletter

Ziegler Family Newsletter

Lovely family newsletter, very well executed!

7. One for Sorrow Letterpress Print

One For Sorrow Print

One for Sorrow print from New North Press and Richard Ardagh.

8. Hi-tech Sparkling Dresses

Sparkling Dress

Sparkling dress designed by CuteCircuit,  a London-based business specialising in ‘techno’ dressing.
9. Illustrations of Tweets

Illustrations of tweets

Funny post with illustrations of actual tweets.

10. Lyrical Spread

Lyrical Spread

An animation directed by Ian Robertson, featuring The Chameleon and Ill It Beatz.

That’s all for this week, although I have lots of other things I have found this month that haven’t made it to these posts, which I may put together for a monthly round up… so watch this space.



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