Run 10km Training – Week 5

Not a good week last week. Due to regattas, and a bit of a holiday, and bad weather… and a little bit of laziness on my part!

I missed the 8km run I was supposed to do on Tuesday, due to sailing, which was cancelled and having to run around to prizegivings and a bit of a hangover. Not a good start. I managed to run Wednesday and Thursday, and was pysching myself up for the big 9.65km run on Saturday, as this would give me a good idea of the feel of the race, and a good idea of my time. However, after a few gins and not enough sleep the night before, the run did not go well. I think I was too dehydrated, too tired and hadn’t eaten enough carbs. I managed 7km out of the 9.65km before I had to stop. I was boiling hot, sweating and literally about to drop.

Since Saturday I have been back to eating healthily again, and apart from a few drinks at an end of season party on Sunday, avoided alcohol. Today I start again, with a clean slate, ready to run 8km, and I’m feeling fairly confident. Fingers crossed! I have also bought a new running top, that is breathable so hopefully I might be a bit cooler this time!

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