New Work – Euro Pipe Cast Iron Brochure

I finished this project a while ago, but it has taken a while to get a copy of the final printed version, and then a bit longer again to photograph it… However, here it is!

The brochure is for the new range of cast iron plumbing and piping used in big buildings, for Euro Pipe Services. As well as a catalogue of all the parts sold, it also had to have a little information about the product. The cast iron pieces come in two colours, maroon for above ground and grey for below ground, so I used these two colour as my main starting point.

I kept the type simple and neutral (Helvetica) and tried to keep as much white space as possible whilst keeping pages down to a minimum.

To begin with, myself and Gareth photographed the pipes, on their own and as a group. We created an infinity cove and a homemade softbox, and tried to get some good shots of the pipes. I used these to add a bit of structure and pace to the pages of information:

Information Page

Information Page

The group shots worked quite well, so we picked the best of the bunch for the front cover. The background was white, but we altered it slightly with lighting and in post to make it grey, to show off the pipes and to tie in with the marron and grey colour scheme:

Front Cover

The actual catalogue part of the brochure took the longest, as I really wanted to keep a lot of white space as well as fitting lots of information succinctly on the page. Once the layout was sorted, I managed to alter the colours and keep the colour scheme the same throughout.

Catalogue Page

And then came the fiddly part… I drew all those little diagrams in Illustrator. It took a while! Almost all of the images are little line drawings like these:

Line Drawings

Except for a range of fittings from another company – Walraven, who allowed us to use their photos:

Photo Images

You can this project on my website:, and I’ll be updating with more photos of this project soon, so watch this space!



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