This Week’s Inspiration

Late again! I know… I promise I’ll be back to regular blogging next week, or at least I’ll try… So here it is anyway:

1. Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop's Captain America

Fantastic illustrations based on various different cult classics – Star Wars, Captain America etc.

2. Type Experiments

Type Experiments

Brilliant experiments into the legibility of typefaces, concluding in typeface design.

3. The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown

New interactive website/music video from Arcade Fire. Really interesting use of HTML5. Definitely worth a look.

4. The Good Sisters Stay Naked

The Good Sisters Stay Naked

Animation by McBess rendering one of his tattooed illustrations.

5. Hasting Council’s Anti-Dog Poo Campaign

Hastings Online - Environment and Planning

Hasting Borough Council’s newest campaign against dog poo.

6. The Redstone Inkblot Test

The Redstone Inkblot Test

A look at the Rorschach test by Redstone Press.

7. Durex Readyjet

Durex Readyjet

The new Safe Sex promotion package from Durex for University students.

8. Evergreen Solar Animations

Evergreen Solar Animations

Lovely animations by Legwork for Evergreen Solar.

9. Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster for “Misspent: The Book”.

10. Smuckers Advert

Smuckers Advert

Advert for Smuckers jam.

Hope you like them!



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