Run 10km Training – Week 6

Well, a much better week this week. Managed to set up mt Nike+ account so that it tweets and posts to Facebook everytime I run. This is helping my motivation no end, as other people’s support is always good!

I have been running two slightly different routes this week, one on the back roads, which I am feeling OK about, despite the traffic, and one along the harbour and breakwater.

Both have hills, which I feel is a good thing as I am having to run uphill for some of the run. The back roads are probably not going to last much longer as they are not safe in the dark. Even with lights and reflective tape!

However, I have managed to run all the runs on my training programme, and on Saturday I managed to do 10km! I ran it in 59 minutes, which I am pleased with for my first attempt. I spent a lot of time dodging crowds in the town, so I feel confident that I can get this time down by a few minutes.

This week I have 3 short – medium runs through the week, and then another 9.65km run on Saturday, which I will probably run as a 10km run again. I have also managed to run over 250km since I started training (officially in Oct 09 with about 9 runs before Christmas, but really I didn’t start properly until Feb 10.)

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