Torbay Week 2010

Just a quick post to show you what I was up to at the end of August, and why my blog posts were late…

Torbay Week is a local sailing regatta which has been going on for 3 years now. It starts on the Friday night with a Fancy Dress Pursuit Race – each boat starts at a different time depending on it’s size and handicap, with the idea being that all boats should finish at the same time after 100 minutes. There are prizes for the first 3 boats over the line, and for the fancy dress.

This year, we went for a BP theme. We decided to “dress” the boat as the TP52 yacht that the Exec at BP went sailing on when the crisis began. We covered it in flags and banners:

BP Banner for the boat

BP Flag

We the covered the boat in black bags, which we also trailed out the back – to represent the oil spill:

"Oil Spill"

We dressed as business executives, with suits and sunglasses, and managed to keep most of our oil spill on the boat for most of the race. Although we were 5th in the race, we managed to get first prize in the Fancy Dress!

Fancy Dress Trophy

That was the highlight of the week – we had strong winds on Saturday but managed to sail and seemed to do OK. Sunday, the wind dropped away to nothing, and after a few hours of drifting around the bay looking for wind, the Race Officers  gave up and abandoned for the day. Monday, we made it out, but due to a reduced crew and gale force gusts, we decided to go in and not to risk ourselves or the boat. Several other boats were damaged that day, with a few crashes and strains.

Sailing in the Bay - 30+knots

Tuesday we met at the boat, but the wind was picking up again, and we had no chance of getting a good enough position to risk taking the boat out, so after putting her away, we headed back home.




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