This Week’s Inspiration

I know, it’s late again. I’m sorry! I’ll try and be better next week.

1. A Typographic Anatomy Lesson

A Typographic Anatomy Lesson

Lovely letterpressed poster from the Lunar Caustic Press.

2. New Polo Adverts

Polo Sucking Advert

New adverts from Chi&Partners for Polos – are you a sucker or a cruncher?

3. Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking by Yum Yum

Lovely little animation by Yum Yum.

4. Hack/Slash


A very true animation from Boomslang.

5. Mac Enthusiasts Logo

Mac Enthusiasts new logo

New logo for Mac Enthusiasts by XK9

6. Dear Typography…

Dear Typography Poster

Lovely typographic poster by Doug Bartow.

7. Jennifer Daniel Business Cards

Jennifer Daniel Business Cards

Really original business cards by designer and unicorn groomer Jennifer Daniel.

8. “I’ll get the ice-creams…”


Charming little animation by Bird Box Studio.

9. Nissan Advert

Nissan Advert

New adverts for the new Nissan Leaf.

10. Save the Arts

Save the Arts animation

Animation for the Save the Arts camapign – made me giggle!



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One thought on “This Week’s Inspiration

  1. Bill says:

    Hi Laura. Thanks for featuring the MacEnthusiasts design. I’ve been very pleased with its reception by my designer friends.

    FYI, the Dear Typography poster was designed by the very talented Christopher Lee of Pasadena, CA.

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