New Work – Brixham Yacht Club Mainsheet Magazine

This is quite an old piece of work, which unfortunately never got printed. However, I have had a few issues printed using Magcloud, to see what they would have looked like and to use as a marketing tool to raise advertising for the next issue.

The magazine is for members of Brixham Yacht Club, to inform and entertain them with news and events from the club, and some articles that might be interesting to them. There are also 1000 hopefully being distributed to local businesses for waiting rooms etc. in the hope of gaining new members for the club.

This previous edition – the April 2010 issue, did not get printed and only got sent round as a PDF due to a lack of funding. It’s hoped that this next edition will raise enough in advertising revenue to be printed and distributed. If so, this will become a twice a year publication, one in April/May (the beginning of the Sailing Season) and one in October/November (the end of the Sailing Season).

This first issue used photography from the members, mainly from Gareth Fudge (Boatographic), including this image on the front:

Mainsheet Front Cover

The masthead uses the same slab serif as the magazine uses throughout – Rockwell, and the burgee of the club is also used through the whole magazine. I tried to keep the magazine consistent throughout, keeping the burgee and folio in the same place, and using 1-2 columns of type on each page with wide margins.

Mainsheet text and images

I kept the pace by alternating between full page bleeds, pages of text, and small pictures, to keep the reader’s attention throughout:

Full page bleeds

Text used with smaller images

Text pages and image pages

I used the same blue for the bands of colour behind the headlines on each article, which is the same blue which is used on the logo and branding of the club itself. The magazine should say that it’s a Brixham Yacht Club magazine through it’s appearance just as much as through the masthead.

I am hoping that the next issue will be successfully printed, and I can expand and improve on the design. If you would be interested in advertising in this magazine to the South Devon area, please contact me here.



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