This Week’s Inspiration

Woohoo! On time this week! This is due to a new app I have – “EpicWin“. Go and buy it, it will change your life (well, it’ll make you smile and possibly make you get through your to-do list a little quicker…) Anyway, here it is:

1. Leon Ryan

Ace of Spades by Leon Ryan

Some fabulous work by illustrator Leon Ryan.

2. Ribbons of Red

Ribbons of Red Business Cards

Letterpressed cards for Ribbons of Red – a design studio with a big heart.

3. myFry

The Fry Chronicles - app

An app for the new autobiography from Stephen Fry – myFry.

4. Making Future Happen

Berg's Making Future Magic

Design Studio Berg’s new film: Making Future Magic. Pretty impressive!

5. Yum Yum’s new toys

Yum Yum's new toys

Brilliant new toys from Yum Yum London! I want them all!

6. The Gentle Beast

The Gentlebeast by Shane Duquette

I’m a sucker for a well designed book. Here’s Shane Duquette’s book “The Gentlebeast“.

7. Moonstruck

Moonstruck Chocolate Packaging

Lovely illustrated chocolate packaging from typographer: Kate Forrester.

8. The Farmers Cart

The Farmers Cart branding by Ten and a Half

Nice identity work from English studio: Ten and a Half.

9. Ampersand Letterpress Print

Ampersand Letterpress Print

Ampersand print from Colorcubic, a studio from Portland, Oregon.

10. The Royal Opera House

The New Crest for The Royal Opera House

New redrawn crest for the Royal Opera House – absolutely stunning.

That’s all for now, I’ll post again soon with some new work…



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