New Work – Christening Invites

Christening Invite Drafts

I was asked by a good friend to design some Christening invites for their daughter’s christening in October. I wanted to do something special with the typography for these, and started by finding a good serif face with nice swashes to use as a basis. I then traced the lettering a few times, altering the characters and adding swashes until I was happy with them.

Draft versions of the type

I added little crucifixes in the first and last letter in each word, I tried putting them in all the letters but it looked too elaborate.

The basic design of the invote was a small rectangle, and I added the RSVP piece on the end so that the invite would still look good when it was removed.

Christening Invite

I used Garamond as a basis for the lettering, and kept the design consistent by using it for the rest of the text, decorated with little crucifixes in between each line.

RSVP detail

I added the pink bubbles behind the text, to add a little texture to the invites.

Christening Detail

Travel Information

I used the basic design of the invites here on the travel information as well.

If you would like any invites or greetings cards made, please contact me at



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