New Work – Money Matters

With this quarter’s Devon Carers Link Newsletter, Devon’s carers received a “Money Matters” booklet. I was asked to produce this booklet for CVS and Britannia as a quick guide to handling finances. It accompanies a set of courses being run by Exeter CVS for Devon’s carers, helping the with things like debt, borrowing money, paying bills and tax.

Money Matters Cover

I used a similar illustration on the back, using the colours that I used throughout the booklet.

Back Page Illustration

Each article of the booklet uses a different colour to differentiate, with a headline bar in colour and the type reversed out:


I tried to break up the information as much as possible by using tables and blocks of colour to aid the reader to find the information they need, and make the data easier to read.

Table of Information

Blocks of colour and coloured text

Each article took one page of the booklet, in an attempt to keep the information edited, and to help boost interest in the courses and the website.

Double page spread

Double page spread

I used the colour coding in the contents at the beginning of the booklet too:

Contents Page

You can find the PDF online here.



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