This Week’s Inspiration

A little late this week as I was away this weekend. Enjoy!

1. The Unruly Alphabet

The Unruly Alphabet by Aaron McKinney

Brilliant illustrated typography by Aaron Mckinney, available here.

2. Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites by Urban Influence

Wedding invites built around the theme of vintage Boyscout materials.

3. Tattoine

Tattoine Animation

Tattoine by Jeremy Messersmith. Watch it here.

4. Junk Portraits

Junk Portraits

Zac Freeman’s portraits made from collected junk.

5. Movie Posters

Movie Posters inspired by men's style

Movie posters by Moxie Creative inspired by men’s style.

6. Seaquence

Seaquence Music Ecosystem

Fantastic little interactive game where you create a musical organism.

7. San Francisco – The Miniature City

Time Lapse and Tilt-Shift Video

Amazing video of San Francisco filmed with time-lapse and tilt-shift photography.

8. London Futures Postcards

London in the future?

What climate change may do to our capital, by Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones.

9. Tiltshift Van Gogh

TiltShift Van Gogh by Serena Malyon

Serena Malyon alters Van Gogh paintings in photoshop.

10. Julot Show

Julot Show's website

Wow- what a website!

That’s all for now folks,



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