This Week’s Inspiration

Here it is, hopefully on time this week too…

1. Physical Fiction

Letterpress with Lego

Pixel art created with lego and a letterpress by Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa. Genius.

2. Google Advertising Campaign

Google "JetLag" Advert

Play on mispelling in the new google ads.

3. Waiting for Phoenix

Waiting For Pheonix by Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell, inspired by the rescue of the Chilean miners, created this.

4. Campaign for Wool

Wool Week at Selfridges

The new campaign for wool, launched by Woolmark and designed by Tom Hingston Studio.

5. Album Cover Stamps

Album Cover Stamps - Pink Floyd & Coldplay

Stamps designed to celebrate classic album covers by Studio Dempsey. Reminiscent of the Beatles Stamps designed by Johnson Banks.

6. Robot, Monster and Ghost Co. Packet

Robot Monster Ghost

Promotional gear from Chicago based Robot, Monster and Ghost Co. I want one!

7. Josh Brill’s Birds

The Dodo

Brilliant collection of prints from Josh Brill.

8. Helvetica Cross-stitch


How cool is this? I’ll be making samplers for everyone’s christmas presents…

9. Stella Artois Adverts

Stella Advert

Fabulous new adverts from Stella.

10. ACDC Excel

ACDC Excel Video

There are no words to describe the awesomeness that is this video.

On that note… TTFN,


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One thought on “This Week’s Inspiration

  1. Hey Laura, I came across your blog via a Google Alert. I have a few extra buttons, if you email me your mailing address, I’ll send you one 🙂

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