Playing in the snow…

Well, it’s that time of year again, trees and tinsel and baby Jesus, and for the first time ever in my living memory there is a chance of a white Christmas! On Saturday this week I was awoken by a very excited Gareth who told me that not only had it snowed, but that it had settled. This is unheard of in Brixham… we have palm trees for Gods sake! (Actually over the last few years we have had snow that has settled but not quite like this!)

We jumped out of bed (unheard of on a Saturday) and rushed around getting clothes on and ran out with the cameras… here are the digital results (you’ll have to wait for the Diana photos):
Here’s our front garden covered in snow:

The public gardens at he end of the road overlooking the sea:
I’m particularly proud of this one – Christmas card material!

Who would have thought bollards could look so festive?

A nice shot of the park – I was lucky to get what looks like a deserted shot, just out of view the world and his wife were out walking their dogs!

A nice blue moody shot in the woods:
A bit more snow and a bit less stumps and branches and it would have been perfect for sledding!

The best beach I know (in the UK) covered in snow:

A nice close up of some frost:

The entrance to a magical winter wonderland:
Or just the footpath 🙂

Some snowy rocks right on the seafront:

You can see more on my Flickr page here.



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