Bliss Hair & Beauty – New Website

I designed the first Bliss website while I was still at University. We wanted something a bit flashy, and with animation, and all the information about the treatments that we couldn’t fit into the leaflets on the site.

Since then, the salon has grown, there are more staff, new treatments and products, and with the introduction of iPhones, a Flash site is no longer viable for this site.

The splash page started with an animation of the swirls fading and growing onto the page...

The animation finished with the Bliss logo appearing and becoming the enter button for the site...

This basic page layout, with navigation links down both sides faded onto the screen...

And when you clicked on the link, the content would appear in the middle of the page.

The website needed so much updating, as well as converting to an HTML site, that we decided to re-design it altogether. The old website looked dated, not as professional as we would have liked, and a bit too cute. So we sat down and discussed what we would like the site to do, the qualities of the salon and the information the site needed to provide and redesigned it.

Basic Bliss Layout

We went for the black and red background as the swirls are a big part of the branding. I feel the black background is much more luxurious and elegant than the white. We also made the navigation a lot simpler, by putting it all on one page. Some of the links also open into menus:

Beauty Treatment Menu

I have kept everything on top of the background image slightly transparent so you can always see the background, to strengthen that branding element. You can always see the Bliss logo on the page as well always in the middle at the top. There are plans to include some photographs, and there are photo shoots planned, and the photos should look something like this:

Obviously we won't be using photos of baths...

and finally, when you click on a treatment, the text looks a little something like this…

Any information is set in Helvetica/Arial

It’s still a work in progress, there is still some new information to go on there, a news section to get going and the photos to take and put on too. However, it’s up online: as the old website was so out of date, and if you visit and have any comments, please feel free to let me know.

I have updated the leaflets and pricelists as well, and designed some aftercare leaflets for various different treatments, once they are printed, and the website is finished, I’ll blog again.



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