Inspiration Posts and The Robot, Monster & Ghost Company.

When I first started this blog, I used to do an Inspiration blog once a month. One of the pieces I blogged about was promotional work done by The Robot, Monster and Ghost Company. I really loved this piece, and Evil Kevin, from the company, commented and said that they still had some badges left and would send me some. This was October last year, and I didn’t hear anything for months, and guessed that they had forgotten.

However, about a week or so ago, this appeared through my letterbox:

Letter from Robot, Ghost & Monster Company

Due to their move of studios, this had gotten lost! The envelope was decorated with doodles:

Back of the envelope

Inside there was a lovely decorated letter, addressing me as “Laura of England” (which I think is great, I may use this title form now on…)

The Letter

They not only included the badges (which also glow in the dark – awesome)…

Glow-in-the-dark Badges

…but also a ghost called Winston, who wanted to see London and will make his own way home:

Winston the Ghost

Thankyou to Robot, Ghost & Monster Company who made my day!

This has made me want to restart my inspiration posts, but in a slightly different format. Instead of a weekly top ten (which I never managed to do on time!) I want to do a subject-based post every now and again. So, it won’t be every week, but there will be one every now and again, based on a theme, seasonal, or taken from the work I am doing, or from something I’m really interested in. Watch this space!



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