Valentine’s Day Inspiration

I know, I know, it’s just a good excuse for Greetings Cards companies to get more money out of us, but I’m a soppy romantic at heart and I love Valentine’s Day. So whilst searching for some inspiration for my homemade card for my beloved, I came across some really creative bits and pieces…


Nerdy Valentine Gift Ideas

A fantastic site with some brilliant ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s better than most of the usual crap… roses, chocolates etc. and would be good for birthdays/Christmas etc. The “Etch-A-Sketch iPad cover” is one of my favourites (I just need an iPad…) and the cards and prints on here are lovely. Well worth a look for that special someone.

2. Country Living Tree Carving App:

Tree Carving App for iPhone

I found this on Design Sponge Blog, and bought it straight away! It’s so sweet, and for 59p it’s well worth it to show your loved ones that you care.

3. Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day Card by Brian Swarthout

I found these cards on FPO, a fantastic source of print inspiration. These are simple, yet sweet, and even come with a little checkbox answer slip on the back. I wish I had received one of these!

4. Marian Bantjes Valentines Day Cards

Marian Bantjes Recycled Valentine's Day Cards

These Valentine’s Day cards were designed and made by Marian Bantjes. She took old Christmas cards and laser cut them into this design – inspired and beautiful!


5. “Love Life, Day by Day”

"Love Life, Day by Day" Poster

Designed by Brigada Creativa, this poster is designed to be started whenever you like. Each day you colour in a portion of the heart, Time together, Conversation, Caress-Kisses and Sex. You can then see at a glance how well your relationship is doing. The plan is to have an all red poster! Buy them here!

6. Zombie Card

Zombie Card by Kirsten Felbert

I found this card on Behance.Net and it caught my eye! Really lovely typography here, and I love the little brain in the counter of the b. I just wish I could buy it!


7. KuroCo Letterpress Cards

Letterpressed Valentines Day Cards

Fab cards that you can buy here, a little bit naughty but lots of fun!

8. Love Brew

Love Brew by Staci Paul

I love the type treatment on this packaging, gorgeous work form Staci Paul.

Well, that’s my Valentine’s Day inspiration, watch this space for my Valentine’s Day card this year…



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