Just before Christmas I started doing some regular work for a local company – Devoncraft – who are based in Totnes. The main part of the work over the last few months has been for DCUK – The Duck Company UK. DCUK sell wooden and bamboo ducks, eggs, trotters, penguins and frogs. I have been photographing the stock for promotional materials and for the website, starting with the duck families:

Wooden Duck Family

and the special gift and wedding ducklings that can be personalised:

Wedding Ducklings

and finally the new ranges that came in just before Christmas:

Welly Ducklets

After the ducks came the frogs, penguins and pigs:

Le frogs

Surfer dude guins


The new website has been designed, and is still in the process of being built… watch this space… but in the meantime, you can visit their existing site here.

I have also worked on print work, two different mail outs – an email advert for Valentines Day:

Valentines Day email

and a postcard for upcoming trade shows:

DCUK Trade Show Postcard

As well as a brochure for trade customers:

Trade Brochure

Inside trade brochure, showing the products

Trade Brochure Pricelist

(Sorry about the quality of the photos, they’ll be better ones up on the site soon…) I used a palette of colours that the company were already using here and there, and tried to use them everywhere to tie the brand together. These colours are natural and neutral, to emphasize the natural element of the ducks, but without detracting from the paint jobs on some of them (which are all by hand and fantastic!) I have used Akzidenz Grotesk throughout on the print work (but swapped to Helvetica for the web) and used different sizes and weights to create a bit of interest and pace throughout the work.

The website is the latest project, which I’ll share with you when it’s completed.



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