Latest Devon Carers Link Newsletter

One of my regular jobs is the Devon Carers Link Quarterly Newsletter. Devon Carers Link provides information, support and involvement for carers who either live in the Devon County Council area or are looking after someone living in the Devon County Council area. I do all of their Graphic Design and some of their Communication work, and the newsletter is a regular gig. We have spent a lot of time in updating the design and making it easy for people to read, especially at some of our readers are older and do not have perfect vision. We also try and make the news stories, short and sweet but still interesting, supplying the reader with the news and information they need and an opportunity to find out more or get involved if they wish. Carers do not have a great deal of time on their hands, so they need to be able to pick this up and find out what they need quickly.

There are 3 different editions each quarter, one for Northern Devon, Eastern Devon and Southern Devon. Here are the 3 editions:

The three local editions

I have used Myriad as a good legible typeface throughout. the humanist sans serif is easy to read and attractive and modern. The colours of the branding (dark green, dark blue and dark red) are used throughout the newsletter designs, using all 3 for nationwide articles and specific area colours (green for Southern Devon, Blue for Eastern Devon and Red for Northern Devon) for local articles.

Newsletter Articles

The main bulk of the newsletter is the same for each but the middle and back pages have news and a calendar of events relevant to the particular area. each area has a specific colour to help distinguish quickly and visually between the three.The table on the back is designed to be easy to see what events are on, and where and when, in your local area.

Southern Devon Calendar

Northern Devon Calendar

Eastern Devon Calendar

The next edition is due out May 2011. For more information about Devon Carers Link, please visit their site here.




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