April Fools!

I couldn’t let April Fools Day pass without a blog post. And after spending lunchtime staring at comic sans (*shudder*) I thought I’d share with you the best 5 graphic design based April Fools Day pranks:

1. 1977: San Serriffe
In 1977 the Guardian reported on “Sans Serriffe” an island that was celebrating their 10th anniversary of independence. All the names of places and in the ‘history’ of the island were based on typographic puns.

Sans Serriffe

The Guardian have ‘revisited’ Sans Serriffe here.

2. 1994: Corporate Tattoos
NPR’s All Things Considered reported that teenagers could be tattooed with brands to earn 10% off…

3: 1996: Virgin Blue Cola Cans
Virgin Cola announces a radical new drinks can that changes from red to blue when the drink has reached it’s sell by date. Coincidentally, Pepsi released it’s new blue design not long before…

4: 2010: Apple Switch to Verdana
Last year saw a report that Apple were to switch to Verdana as their main brand typeface. Reported on idsgn blog, it was said that Apple were following in Ikea’s footsteps.

apple before and after

5: 2011: Google Helvetica
And finally this morning, when I typed “Helvetica” into Google, I saw this:

Google in Comic Sans

I hope you weren’t too badly duped today…



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