Unused Designs

Over the past few weeks I have been going through old work, in preparation for the new website and portfolio. During this time I have been looking through old work, old sketchbooks and files. I have found loads of ideas that never got used… logos that were rejected, artwork that didn’t quite fit the bill and ideas that never quite made it off the ground.

But some of them were really interesting, and I thought I would share them with you – some have shown me how far I have come, some have inspired me to go back to old projects, or to follow some more personal work. Here they are, see what you think:

&more - a University Design Group

This logo was for a design group at University. I was inspired by Herb Lubalin and this was a homage to his mother & child logo and obsessed by geometric sans serif faces… I do like this though, very simple and effective.

"Eight Faces" logos - a type test

Eight Faces was a University Project based on a set of tests to determine the correct typeface for your work. It’s still a work in progress (although I don’t have a lot of spare time to work on it!) The logo was based on a “seal of approval” in gold, silver and bronze.

Le Frogs - teatowel design ideas

Le Frogs - teatowel design ideas

Le Frogs - teatowel design ideas

Le Frogs - teatowel design ideas

Le Frogs are a set of wooden frogs made by the Duck Company UK, and these were designs for a screen printed teatowel to be given away free with other products to advertise these. In the end we went with a duck image, and abandoned the idea of the frogs, but I really liked the way these illustrations came out.

Essential Oils Direct Logo Ideas

Essential Oils Direct Logo Ideas

These are two different ideas I had for an essential oils company. The first played on the idea of both fumes and leaves – the shapes are supposed to represent both. I wanted to keep the identity clean and fresh, and this idea was supposed to be modern and contemporary too.
The second idea was derived from more traditional labels. I looked at old Victorian and Edwardian style labeling for cosmetics and toiletries as inspiration, but used a geometric sans serif face and a more contemporary style of illustration for the embellishments.
We ended up going for something completely different using drops in the typography and a serif typeface, but I like these ideas.

Hanami Japanese Sushi and Karaoke Bar Logo Idea

Neon Menu Cover

Neon Karaoke Cover

Neon Drinks List Cover

Hanami was a University project to brand a Japanese Sushi and Karaoke Bar. The logo was the first developed idea I had, using pictograms of a fish and a hand holding a microphone, rendered in a way to make it look like Japanese Kanji. I ended up going for a simple wordmark using a condensed sans serif to look similar to Japanese banners, but I still really like this logo and think it worked well. The neon images were based on some typography that I took – using items to fit into the Japanese kitsch culture, and also to represent the different elements of the Bar. I ended up using the original photos with saturated colour, but I like these images, and I’m tempted to use them in another project…

Zephyr Collage

Zephyr Collage

These collages were experiments I did for a University project. I was trying to invent and brand an association to encourage younger people to sail. These weren’t right for the project, they weren’t contemporary enough, but I loved making them and I think the different textures of the paper and torn edges works well. I have started to develop these into prints, hopefully they’ll be ready soon.

Zephyr Photography

Zephyr Photography

These images were another development of a Zephyr idea. I looked into photographing water, both still and moving and integrating type into the image. The top image shows running water, and I was trying to show the water running through the type. In the bottom image I was trying to show the word “gybe” as a boat on the water.

type - sea

Another experiment was using words and type – one of the ideas was to “draw” with words. This was a sea made up of coloured type – using words relating to sailing and the sea.

Zephyr Wordmark - letterpress

Zephyr Wordmark - letterpress

Zephyr Wordmark - letterpress

Zephyr Wordmark - letterpress

Finally, these images were created using scanned in letterpress prints, and manipulated in Photoshop. I was trying to get the illusion of looking at the type through water, with the letters distorted by the waves and ripples. I really liked this idea but it was difficult to develop as a logo that could be easily used in all the different applications.

I hoped you like looking at this stuff, I feel sad sometimes that some of the work I do doesn’t see the light of day, and it’s nice to show people what you’ve been working on, even if it ends up not being used. Anyway, time to get back to it…


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