Review: TeuxDeux App

I love lists. And productivity apps. But I love lists more.

So this app: TeuxDeux – is right up my street. Designed and created by the fabulous Swissmiss and FictiveKin this is a fantastic to-do app (get it? to-do – teuxdeux?)

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it’s the best productivity app I have ever used. It is essentially laid out like a diary, with a column for each day. You can add items to the list under each day, and you can always see the whole week. Past days are grey, the current day is red and future days are black.


You can cross things off, or delete them completely when they’re done, and if you don’t get them done on the day – they rollover onto the following day (so you can’t forget them!)

There’s also a nice little “someday” area where you can make 5 different lists of things to do that don’t have a date deadline. It’s so easy to use – you can drag and drop different things to different days of the list and edit things very simply. You can also sync it with your iphone using the iphone app. The app has the ability to have multiple accounts too.

teuxdeux app

This has improved my productivity and helped me keep on top of tasks – absolutely brilliant!


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