The Sketchbook Project – work over Christmas…

A quick update on the Sketchbook Project – I will have to wrap this up and send it back by the end of the month, so I thought I would post the work I did over Christmas…

Gameboys and floppy discs

More doodles and sketches of prehistoric technology – the floppy discs in particular seem like they might make a good pattern. Might have a play with this over the weekend on the computer…

Nokia... remember these?

The Nokia was so lovely to draw, took me back to my college days and technical drawings… I have also thought about something more abstract with the tapes, going to have a play with some paper and collage.

Really oldskool... anyone remember these?

My dad has a gramophone, and hundreds of vinyl records – and I love them. I have done some work with records before, so this was a bit of a revisit. Going to get the paints out and have a bit more of a play with these.

Hopefully I’ll get some time this week, and the weekend to have a bit more of a play with some of these ideas, and then it’ll be posted off back to the project by the end of the month!


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