New Work: Daisy Coffins Website

The final tweaks to the design of the Daisy Coffins site were finished last week. I have been working with ITQ9 to bring the design of this site in line with the Daisy Memories site, and to add some new features to this page to help the audience find what they need.

Daisy Coffins Home Page

We have changed the basic layout to make it similar to the Daisy Coffins, with the brand colours of pale green, blue and grey.

Coffins Page

I also photographed the coffins and used the new photos, which show the coffins at their best as well as some of the features.

Coffins Product Page

We added a gallery page with the coffins in situ…

Daisy Coffins Gallery

We also added an article section with Frequently Asked Questions about funerals, burials and coffins, which we are adding to all the time.

Daisy Coffin Article Page

The site is now easier to use, and has an added feature of “find a funeral director” so that customers can easily find where to purchase the coffins. The website is now clearer to use and fits in with the branding.

You can visit the website here:


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