Brighton Marathon Update

Well, I did it.

5 hours 32 minutes and 46 seconds, of aching joints, blistered feet, 20 minute toilet queues, cheering crowds, too much powered, glorious gel shots and jelly babies, amazing sea views and fantastic fancy dress. Over the time I wanted, but I hadn’t anticipated the queues for the toilets, or the crowded start.

It was an amazing day, I was well looked after by the organisers of the Marathon and the Cancer Research UK team, and very much encouraged and cheered on by the people of Brighton. Weather was pretty perfect too! Here’s a few shots Gareth got of me on the day…

Smiling at the start

The finish…

and now onto the next challenge…


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2 thoughts on “Brighton Marathon Update

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  2. […] in my personal life, I read 50 books, I turned 30, I dyed my hair bright red, I climbed, I sailed, I ran my first marathon and my second half marathon, I sang in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical: Mikado, I bought a boat in a […]

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