Diamond Jubilee Street Party

4 whole days off! Woohoo! And how did we celebrate our Queen’s 60 years on the throne? Well, we live on Queens Road, so the only way to do it properly was with a street party!

A perfect opportunity for me and Gareth to take some great photos…

The street closed to traffic – it looks so beautiful!

Enjoying the food…

Fancy Dress Competition

It’s not a party without trifle…

The unavoidable downpour…

Rain didn’t stop play!

More arrivals for the party

Our chefs in fancy dress…

The oldest lady on the street giving out commemorative coins to the children

Enjoying the party

Egg and Spoon Race!

More photos here and here


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2 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee Street Party

  1. rcsjubilee says:

    These pictures are amazing (that trifle!) and we would love for you to share them and your Jubilee memories with us on the Jubilee Time capsule at jubileetimecapsule.org!

  2. […] we won our first sailing series this Autumn, I watched and enjoyed the Olympics, I went to a street party for the Jubilee, I spent a week in Spain, got married, and spent three weeks in New York and driving around […]

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