New Updated DCUK Work

It’s been a busy couple of months at the Duck Company HQ in Totnes, and we’ve been working on new e-mail newsletters to let the customers know of all the new arrivals!

Mother’s Day email with the new design

We have redesigned the e-shots, using more white space. We have also designed these e-shots so that you can scroll down and see more, utilising the fact that it’s on a screen a lot more. The area above the fold should be enough to draw people in, and make them want to scroll down, and then click on the email links to go direct to the website to find out more.

The Duck Company UK has q loyal following of fans and customers, and the e-shots should hopefully provide them with information on new ducks, special offers and perfect seasonal gifts from the website.

2012 Easter e-shot

Thank you teacher

I have kept the original brand colours, and the style of the photography, but made the designs cleaner and more simple. This makes the images more eyecatching, and I kept the amount of text to a minimum, using different weights, colours and sizes to make different messages stand out.

Diamond Jubilee Ducklings

The e-shots seem to be working well, the Diamond Jubilee e-shot, combined with a brief message on Facebook caused the entire stock of limited edition ducklings to sell out in 4 hours.

Most of the e-shots are designed for a UK audience and then again for a US audience as DCUK have customers on both sides of the pond.

White Jubilee Duckling Email

We have used the e-shots for the trade customers as well, in particular, to advertise Trade Fairs and new stock.

Easter Trade Email

If you like the look of the ducks, and want to find out more, visit the Duck Company UK site here.

You can see this project and more on my website here:


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