Squarespace – Review

I recently was asked to create some websites with an easy content management system. The organisation has over 60 employees, and is split into many different areas, so we needed something that was easy to add different website elements too, and that we could have a system for different people to log-in and have different levels of admin rights.

We also needed something with good social network links, and SEO, that looked professional and that I had control over the look and structure of the site.

After a bit of research, I kept coming back to Squarespace. I had heard of it through many different podcasts (they seem to advertise on quite a few…) and compared to Joomla (the existing platform being used) this seemed so much easier all round.

It took me no time at all to get to grips with the designing… it’s all very simply laid out and you change the styling of most elements pretty easily. Typefaces, colour, backgrounds, headers etc. all are really easy to change and edit, and the structure of the website is easy to build. There are set templates to choose from which you can edit most of the elements easily, but you can also edit the CSS.

Once the design was sorted, I started to build the content, which was when I got quite impressed. you can add different types of pages and widgets, blogs, galleries, links, downloads,  discussions, RSS feeds, forms… It was very easy to design and build exactly what was needed, quickly and easily. And during the development of the site with the client, I was able to edit quickly in front of them to show them the differences between different elements.

The best thing I found was the help section. Not only are there guides and instructions, but there are also videos, a live chat section and live webinars for you to learn how to use different aspects of the site. Amazing.

There are statistics on views and traffic, including OS and Browser analysis. You can create log-ins and members for different audiences with different admin/visibility rights, which was a huge selling point for this project.

The websites look professional – and they work well. And Squarespace isn’t too expensive either – each website is costing me approx $190 a year which is roughly £120 – £10 a month!

I would definitely recommend this for a professional looking site.


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