*Special* New York Day Five and Six


Our last full day in New York, so we headed straight over to Central Park for a Horse and Cart Ride…

Our horse, Jimmy, and cart

Our horse, Jimmy, and cart

We travelled around the park for about 45 minutes, with our driver showing us different sights from different films and TV programmes, the best of which being the fountain that they filmed the credits for Friends… I didn’t even know this was a real fountain – I thought it was a set!

The 'Friends' Fountain

The ‘Friends’ Fountain

We also saw the building from Ghostbusters…

The 'Ghostbusters' building

The ‘Ghostbusters’ building

As well as some lovely views – it was difficult to believe we were in the middle of such a big and busy city!

Central Park views...

Central Park views…

There are several reservoirs and lakes in the park, and this one in particular was gorgeous.

Central Park - one of the lakes

Central Park – one of the lakes

After the cart ride, there were two areas I wanted to see in the park – one being Strawberry Fields. This area is a memorial to John Lennon, close to the Dakota, the hotel he lived in and died outside. The y busy, loads of people stood round having their photo taken with it, so I managed to swoop in and get this image in between people posing!

The other place I wanted to see was the Belvedere castle – as we were married at the Haldon Belvedere castle in Devon… The ‘castle’ is more of a little building with a small lake, but it does house the weather monitoring equipment which was quite interesting – if you ever hear on the news about the weather in Central Park – this is where they take all the measurements from!

The Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Castle

View from the top of the castle

View from the top of the castle

It was quite pretty, in a sort of plastic Disney kind of way, and there were two marriages there whilst we were wandering around, so obviously popular as a wedding venue! The view from the park looking at the castle was lovely in the sunlight too…

The Belvedere Castle and Lake, in the Autumn sun

The Belvedere Castle and Lake, in the Autumn sun

We spent about an hour in the sun there, reading and taking photos and generally relaxing in the park.

Later in the afternoon, we went back over to Times Square to the special ticket booth they have set up there, where you can buy cheap Broadway and off Broadway tickets for that night. There were a few different shows available, and we chose Avenue Q, as it was one of the few that I thought Gareth would enjoy (he’s not a musicals kind of person).

Later that evening we braved Times Square again, got a photo of me with the Smurfs (had to be done) and headed over to the theatre for the show.

Me and the smurfs...

Me and the smurfs…

It was very funny, and quite adult – a bit of swearing and adult themes – and has been described as a grown-up version of Sesame Street… yes, there are puppets!

Avenue Q

Avenue Q

Finally, after a burger and a long island iced tea, we headed home to the hotel for our last night in New York…


Saturday we were up bright and early, packing our bags up and tidying the hotel room, before jumping on the subway. Our flight was at 5:30pm but just to be on the safe side, we left early as we weren’t sure how long the subway and Airtrain was going to take… we ended up at the airport for about 1pm, so we spent a fair amount of time sat around waiting!

We arrived in San Diego at around 8pm local time, and headed straight to Avis to pick up the car we had rented. The very nice man behind the counter apologised as the systems were down and it was going to take longer than expected to sort the car. When he found out that we were on honeymoon and that Gareth had originally wanted to hire a mustang, he said he would upgrade us for free!

The Mustang!

The Mustang!

So we drove off to the motel in our lovely blue Mustang – to grab some sleep before exploring San Diego and the rest of California…

Laura and Gareth xxx

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