*Special* California Day Five and Six


Thursday morning we woke when the sun came up and started to think about packing up and moving on. I loved our little spot in the woods, and would have happily stayed longer but time is moving on, and we wanted to get to San Francisco. After packing up the tent, sleeping bags and little amount of camping equipment, we had a shower and started the drive to San Francisco…

Driving through the woods...

Driving through the woods…

Driving through the hills

Driving through the hills

We decided to have a brief stop at Cupertino for lunch and a trip to Apple HQ.

Apple HQ

Apple HQ

Yes, we are geeks. 1 Infinite Loop is pretty easy to find, and after a bite to eat, we went and miraculously found a parking spot! You can’t go inside, and there are no guided tours, you just get to have your photo taken outside the sign, and then you get to go to the Apple Store…

Gareth at 1, Infinite Loop...

Gareth at 1, Infinite Loop…

The store is like a small version of the normal shops, with the hardware and accessories, but they also have a range of t-shirts and souvenirs, keychains, business card holders, baby clothing etc. etc. with witty slogans like “I hear the next t-shirt is going to have a pocket” and “Rumour has it I visited 1 Infinite Loop”. Gareth bought me a t-shirt and him a hoody so we can wear our geekiness with pride…

Then it was onwards to San Francisco. In rush hour – not good! We parked up in the middle of the city and popped to an Irish bar for a beer and to find a hotel online, before heading to Nob Hill to our motel. By this point it was absolutely boiling – even at 4pm!

After a long and exciting day, we got changed and headed into town for a bite to eat at the nearest Thai restaurant – very nice Pad Thai – before picking up a bottle of wine at the local liquor store and heading home for an early night.


We were up and out early and off to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

We wandered around the front for a while and onto Pier 39, looking at all the tourist shops and attractions – a bit like home but more up market 😉 and of course, there is a big Ben and Jerry’s store…

Ben and Jerry's... yum

Ben and Jerry’s… yum

Pier 39

Pier 39

Gareth wanted to have a look at the WW2 submarine on one of the piers. It was small and claustrophobic, especially in the red room, and made me feel a bit sick, but Gareth enjoyed himself 😉

The WW2 Sub

The WW2 Sub

The red room in the sub

The red room in the sub

The claustrophobic below decks of the sub

The claustrophobic below decks of the sub

We also had a look round the Mus̩e M̩canique Рan antique coin operated arcade.

Musée Mécanique

Musée Mécanique

It was absolutely brilliant, and had games from all different eras. There were extremely old games and displays through to pac-man tables and air hockey – brilliant!

Arcade games galore...

Arcade games galore…

We changed up a few dollars and played on the machines for a bit, the old 3D picture viewers were pretty awesome, but sadly I couldn’t find the Zoltar machine from Big!

Very old machines...

Very old machines…

Gareth looking at porn... ;)

Gareth looking at porn… 😉

We stopped at Bubba Gump’s for lunch – a Forrest Gump themed restaurant (yes, you read that right). It was actually not too bad, food wise, and we tried out one of the locally brewed beers – Anchor Steam.

Gareth as Forrest at Bubba Gump's...

Gareth as Forrest at Bubba Gump’s…

After lunch, we wandered over the watch the sea-lions… and watched the seagulls steal ice creams literally out of the hands of children…

The sea-lions on Pier 39...

The sea-lions on Pier 39…

...they turned up here after the 1989 earthquake

…they turned up here after the 1989 earthquake

We stopped at a Ghirardelli chocolate shop, where we found the biggest Jelly Bean selection ever, and the best chocolate I have ever had in America…

Gareth's heaven

Gareth’s heaven

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate...

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…

We then got in the car and decided to drive the three bridges… we drove across the Bay Bridge, up the coast past Berkeley and Richmond, over the San Rafael Bridge and then down and over the Golden Gate bridge, before heading back to the motel.

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

San Rafael Bridge

San Rafael Bridge

The Golden Gate bridge appearing through the mist

The Golden Gate bridge appearing through the mist

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge

After all that excitement… we retired to our motel with a bottle of Knob Creek and the jelly beans 🙂

Knob Creek and Jelly Belly

Knob Creek and Jelly Belly

Laura and Gareth xxx

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