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After running the Brighton Marathon last year, I decided enough was enough. Running is great, and nice short distances like 3-5 miles, 4 times a week is good. I feel fitter and stronger, and when combined with a decent diet, sailing and or climbing, I feel healthy and I look like I’m in OK shape.

One marathon is enough. I can now say “I have run a marathon” and feel pretty smug. It was most definitely an experience and I enjoyed it, but I was a broken woman for a few weeks after, and never thought I’d have the slightest inclination to do one again.

So, for some strange reason I find myself signed up to another marathon – The London Marathon – no less. Training for a 26.6 mile race and raising money for Tommy’s – a charity  that provides funding for research into premature babies, stillbirths and miscarriages…

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