Basics Design: Format by Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris – Book Review

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Basics Design: Format by Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris

Basics Design: Format by Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris

An interesting read for any print designers. This book has a brilliant combination of both very good examples and illustrations of different formats and technical information and terms on the formats and how they work. There is some lovely work in here, some of it I had seen before and some of it was new. There is work by Frost Design, Hat-Trick, Madethought, Pentagram, Rose Design, Sagmeister and Why Not Associates, ranging from books to posters, brochures to marketing objects…

Each example doesn’t just show a creative design but also the use of the different techniques talked about throughout the book – such as die-cutting, binding types, folds, scale, paper, print techniques etc. The book discusses and shows how different forms and formats of a piece affect the user or the audience, and that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the established mould. The book shows examples which illustrate the way in which different formats and effects change the way the audience interacts with the piece, and how it can add to the design and aesthetic of the work too.

One of the best things about this book which I not only really enjoyed but also found very useful, is the use of the techniques within the book – different paper stocks, print techniques, folds and cuts, which help to explain and show how these things work. The book is very image heavy, with concise explanations and captions, and handy little sections with useful glossaries, information design and lists of techniques and formats.

Not really a book to sit and read from cover to cover, although I did find it hard to put down once I started, this is a lovely reference book full of inspiration and information – well worth owning so you can dip in for different projects here and there.


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