Verbalising the Visual by Michael Clarke

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Verbalising the Visual by Michael Clarke

Verbalising the Visual by Michael Clarke

Verbalising the Visual discusses words and the relationship between text and objects. The book is separated into 6 chapters, each looking at language. Firstly, it looks at language and meaning, and the relationship between language and physical things, analysing an image culturally, historically and so on. It them goes onto the formal language of art and design, academic language and ideology, and then informal language, such as colloquial language and reviews.

It then goes onto talking about communication within a studio about work, presentations, essays and then other written texts, such as reports and critical reviews. The book is set out well, with a definitive structure throughout the book that stays the same from chapter to chapter, lots of good examples of what it is talking about, and imagery to explain and illustrate the point.

I don’t know why but for some reason I just couldn’t get on with this book. I found it a bit dry, overlong, and generally struggled to read this. Unusual as I usually love reading up on this subject, perhaps I have not been in the mood for something this academic at the moment… I managed to read two other books in the meantime (non-fiction) so perhaps I just was not in the right mood for this.

Either way, I did not enjoy it a such as I hoped, parts were interesting, particularly the chapters on language and meaning, and informal language, but on the whole it has not been my favourite book of the year by a long shot. Perhaps I’ll revisit again one day, and enjoy it more.


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