General News… What I’ve been up to…

2013 has been a busy year. My blog writing has gone out the window slightly, and in between the million and one things I have been up to I have been thinking about the future of my career.

I took on a lot of work this year, for several reasons. After getting married, my bank balance was a little low… so money was a deciding factor a great deal of the time. I also don’t like saying no, especially to family and friends… and I also felt like it would be good for me to try new things, learn new skills etc…

However, this has been a difficult year. I have found myself snowed under with work, with no free time, and my social life has suffered! I haven’t had enough time for my hobbies, for seeing friends and family, and I have pulled all-nighters one too many times. I don’t think my work has improved because of this, and my health and happiness certainly haven’t.

So next year things are changing slightly. I have been very lucky and have been offered a three month contact at the Met Office in Exeter. As well as being one of the biggest organisations in the country, it is also something that I am really interested in. I cannot wait to start!

I am keeping most of my existing long term clients – I really enjoy most of the work I do and I want to keep these existing projects. But after my Met Office contract is up I have a few new business ideas I am working on that I would like to get going. I want to enjoy my job again, and be able to switch off and have some time to myself every now and again, so I am only taking on new jobs if I have the time to fit them in. I am learning to say “No” every now and again…!

So 2014 sees new opportunities – and hopefully a healthier and happier Laura. My first job is to settle into and enjoy my new work, and to update my website…

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and a good start to 2014!



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