Met Office… so far!

So, I’m about halfway through the Met Office contract, and as busy as ever! I thought I’d drop you all a line to explain why I have been quiet so far this year!

Working at the Met Office has been fun, something quite different to normal, which is always good. The most striking difference between working at home and working at the Met Office is that I am working with a lot of other people! There are 3 other designers in the studio, plus a whole communications team, which is great – it’s nice to be able to concentrate on just designing, rather than everything else I end up doing as well.

It’s also mainly print work rather than any HTML/CSS or other coding and web work. Which is lovely – back to my specialism! I have however, been doing some work with the web and app team, but more on the design side than the coding side.

I’ve enjoyed working with existing brand guidelines and elements, lots of work on template documents, taking people’s posters/signs etc. and applying the brand, it’s interesting seeing how such a big company who work with so many other partners and organisations manage their brand.

There has also been quite a lot of scope to do some more creative work, working on the website and app, imagery and infographics, which has been fantastic, being able to spend some time creating whilst not being so worried about timescales.

The Met Office itself is a great place to work, it feels a bit like being at University, with the big campus, and hundreds of people around everyday.

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