100 Big Ideas That Changed Graphic Design by Steven Heller & Veronique Vienne – Book Review

This book review comes from my other blog: http://laurapakora82.wordpress.com/

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design by Stephen Heller and Veronique Vienne

100 big ideas in graphic design, for example, paper cutouts, corporate identity and white space. Each idea has a double page spread, with imagery to illustrate the idea, and a page of text.

A great reference book, easy to pick up and browse, or to read through from cover to cover. The ideas are in chronological order roughly, and you can see trends and ideas through the years. The text describes the idea, where and when it originated, and some examples of it in use, with big full colour full bleed images to help describe and explain.

The ideas range from techniques, such as white space and stencil type through to notions such as sexual taboo busting and nostalgia. Some of the ideas are bigger and perhaps have had more of an impact than others, but all of the ideas mentioned and written about here are interesting and have some importance on the history and development of Graphic Design.

I enjoyed this book, I was able to pick it up, and read through quite a few different ideas and then put it down again… and there is no doubt I’ll use this in the future for reference and research.


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