Know Your Onions – Web Design by Drew De Soto – Review

This book review comes from my other blog:


I read the first of these a while back and reviewed it on here. I really liked it and when I saw this I had to pick it up and give it a read.

From the outset de Soto explains that this is not going to be a detailed book covering the ins and outs of coding and the technicalities of web design. Instead, it goes through the process of web design, gives some good guidelines and some good basic design practice. And that’s brilliant – exactly what I wanted.

As a designer who does most of her own coding, I found this interesting. There was a lot of good information on the principles of layout (including some good stuff on hotspots), navigation and web conventions, as well as setting out a good timeline from brief to signing off. the book works through from the brief (very important), basic design, including colour, typography, imagery, layout and navigation, working with a developer, making sure the client gets what they want, testing and the problems of using other browsers…

There is also a good glossary of colloquialisms, conventions, technology etc. at the back, making this a good reference book to dip into during a project as well as reading through from cover to cover. A definite recommendation for anyone involved in the web design business!

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