Updated Branding & Portfolio

As you know I spent the first 3 months of this year working at the Met Office, and used this as a good time to make some changes in my own office and with the business. Since coming back to my freelance work full time, I have been surprisingly busy, so this all took a little longer then planned!

The office has had a makeover, which I’ll blog about soon (it’s not quite finished yet!), which helped me to clear out and throw away some junk, rediscover old unfinished projects and generally clear my mind. The biggest change I made in the office was going from yellow walls to off white walls – changing the lighting in here and making me see everything ever so slightly differently… the office is cleaner, simpler and whiter.

So, I have applied this to my branding, making everything cleaner, simpler and whiter…

Old logo on the left, new logo on the right

Old logo on the left, new logo on the right

I’ve also made the red a bit darker. Much better 🙂 I then applied these changes to the website, tweaking the design while I was at it. I use the Behance Portfolio, and Prosite, which makes it easier to update, change and mess around with the design. Once I was happy with this, I then applied the new branding to the Facebook page, Twitter page and this blog of course!

Home Page of the website

Home Page of the website

New Met Office work

New Met Office work

I’ve added in some new work, updated a few old projects and generally spruced everything up a little bit – I’ll be blogging about the new work over the next few weeks – it’s been a busy year so far!

So, now I am home and working freelance full time again, I plan to blog more, as well as the new work and the photos of the office (once I finally finish it…!) I want to blog more about my inspiration. I used to do a weekly round-up and I plan to start this up again. I am currently posting on the Facebook page every morning one thing that has caught my eye and inspired me or got me interested, and I am planning to blog about some of these things once a week – probably on a Friday, but we’ll see how I get on! I am still writing my book reviews, which you can find here: https://laurapakora82.wordpress.com, and whenever the book is art and design based, it gets re-blogged here as well.

Finally, I have a few new ideas and projects underway that I’ll be posting about soon – keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!


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